January 2019: Resolutions-A Healthier You

Annual Wellness Visits

If you are a Medicare patient, you are eligible for a FREE Annual Wellness Visit

  • Help determine your health goals for the year
  • Help to identify modifiable health risks
  • Help providers gain more information about your physical and mental health, as well as social needs
  • Provide educational tools to help improve your health
  • Assist in any necessary referrals
  • Order appropriate preventive testing (mammograms, colonoscopies, bone density testing, or lab tests)
  • Provide any needed immunizations


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Body Composition Testing

Your scales will never tell you the whole truth.

You eat right, you work hard, and push yourself to achieve your sports or fitness goals. Get a true picture of your body fat and muscle mass with an Advanced Body Composition Assessment. This will give you precise measurements of your total bone density, body fat and muscle mass, enabling you to track your neuromuscular changes and the genuine effects of your training regime. This test can be done alone-or in combination with your bone density test.

To make an appointment for an Advanced Body Composition Assessment

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